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Location: Singapore
Date: Jan’ 2020


In April 2019, the Singapore Government realised the importance of being self reliant on our food sources especially in times of the pandemic when 90% of our food are imported in from 170+ countries.

The implementation of 30 X 30 is to help our local agriculture sector. How can we as individuals help out? 

By raising awareness on Food Security Issues in Singapore and promoting the concept of growing and sustaining our own food source by urban farming.

Such methods like using organic leftovers as a starter growth and guiding user how to compose, grow and care for their crops and how to cook their harvest!

With Grow, individuals are able to have a starter kit with a compostable pot that acts as a spade and a pot for their first crop.

Its’ biodegradable! For us and for the environment!

︎︎︎Behance: GROW!

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